Design Explorations

  • Art Concept // Visual & UI Design // Interaction // Copy

Budget App Landing Page: The objective of this project was to create a landing page that tell people about a new application that helps people with their budgeting and how it can help them manage their finances more effectively. The target audience is adults in their 20s-40s. I designed a landing page that featured lifestyle imagery of this age range. I also wanted to convey that these people are on their computers or mobile devices in the photography. To make the page eye-catching in design, I used iconography and language that speaks to this generation range. I achieved this by writing copy that spoke directly to the potential user. I also decided to name the app, giving it a friendly vibe by naming it Budget Buddy. It gives the app a personality, something you'd like to spend time with. My goal was also to make the page succinct with enough information to explain what the app does but not be copy heavy. View design wire

Back-to-School Landing Page: The objective of this project was to create a back-to-school landing page that will connect with new teachers who are gearing up for the school year ahead. This landing page is aimed at potential teacher customers to promote the product and convince teachers that this classroom tool is what they need for a successful back-to-school experience. I designed the page to first lead with strong visuals and explanatory copy as secondary elements. This allows the visuals to catch the eye and then the user reads the copy if the visual is interesting. The interactivity of the header is an inline video that plays on it's own when one lands on the page (the play button placed on the image to show it is a video in flat presentation form). The idea is to play the video without sound, giving movement to the page. As the user scrolls down the page, they can interact with the page, selecting different screens of the sample exercises. View design wire

Cloud Landing Page: The objective of this project was to create a landing page to get users to create a free account, rethinking content, organization of the page and how imagery is used. For my approach in designing this landing page, I compiled the information into a simple wire frame, thinking about reorganizing the information considering it from the lens of a consumer. I researched imagery, making sure the photography showed a genuine sense of human connection and was engaging while using mobile technology. I also reorganized the content, bringing the things you can do with cloud, relaying the information to the audience sooner. I created a rotating module for the services used with free credits, allowing all the content to be accessible but also keeping the page condensed. View design wire