• Art Concept // Interaction // Visual & UI Design // Photography // Execution // Production & Delivery of Final Assets

Battery Street: The goal of this project was to create a landing page that featured the new Battery Street suit line for Dockers. The page needed to be informational, visually appealing and interactive. The page also needed to include an inspirational video, lifestyle imagery, specific suit detailing and product categories. The design allowed the customer to learn and discover through interacting with the different sections. Customers can scroll through the look book showing the different types of suit patterns or play an inline video featuring the designer and model on a photo shoot set. By hovering over the suit, specific details were revealed. Exploring the category details led to product categories when clicked. View stakeholder & design wires

Guy's Guide: The Guy's Guide was a blog-like landing page created every month to feature a story. For the first issue of the Guy's Guide, the objective was to visually create a page introducing the Guy's Guide to customers and give dressing tips by featuring products. The challenge of this first issue was designing a page that didn't look too copy heavy, even though the tip suggestions were long. Breaking up the page graphically with visual elements was key to cohesively bring the tips, product imagery and easy 1, 2, 3 steps together.

For the second issue, the goal was to create a story around packing items for a Spring Getaway. This page needed to show products that would deep link into product pages as well as convey the uniqueness of the product. By hovering over the product, the image flipped to the product name. The copy next to the product was a quote from the head designer that described why the item should be taken along on a trip. Each product linked to the product pages that allowed the customers to shop. View stakeholder & design wires

Lifestyle Emails: These emails featured the launch of new seasonal product lines and promotional campaigns. The design used a mixture of relevant lifestyle photography and stylized product laydown imagery. Bringing eye-catching content for the customers was key in designing these emails. It was the goal to grab the attention of the audience through type treatment, subject matter and inspirational imagery.

Product Laydown Emails: Product laydown emails were designed to specifically highlight the product and its unique qualities. They were used to tell the story of the product features without the usage of lifestyle or environment photography. This also allowed the brand to evolve the marketing material and provide a more budget friendly alternative to asset creation, garnering interest for the customer in a different way.

Welcome Email: The welcome email for new Dockers subscribers was designed to be responsive while highlighting the benefits of being loyal customers. This is a triggered email, sent to customers when they signed up to receive emails from the company. Being a lifestyle brand, photography included product shots, lifestyle environment shots and product laydowns, creating a mixture of interest for the customer.