Joseph A. Bank

  • Art Concept // Interaction // Visual & UI Design // Execution // Production & Delivery of Final Assets

Top 10: The objective of this project was to create a landing page that featured the top 10 products of the season. Things to consider during the design process was interaction, how to visually communicate each of the 10 products and length of the page. This was accomplished by keeping the page above the fold with each of the products numbered with screened back numbers treated as graphic elements. Thumbnails across the bottom of the module indicated which product was featured as the main feature. Each of the products would link to the product shopping page enabling the customers to shop each item. View stakeholder & design wires

Business Casual: The objective of this project was to create a landing page that featured business casual outfits for the fall season. The page needed to include copy, lifestyle photography, and individual products that make up each outfit. Another objective was to avoid a long page scroll. To highlight each day of the week, a tabbed interaction across the top of the module enabled customers to toggle through the days. Initial interaction to showcase products was putting hotspots on the products. However, this solution covered too much of the products and was too visually disruptive. To show products, a button to open a drawer below the module featured thumbnails of the products that would link to the product shopping page. View stakeholder & design wires

Travel Tech: Travel Tech is a new product launch for Joseph A. Bank. The project objective was to create a landing page for web and mobile sites. This page needed to include lifestyle photography, links to the shopping pages, and copy that describes the uniqueness of the product. To show the unique quality of the fabric, icons were illustrated to represent each feature. Shopping categories supported with photography linked to shopping pages. An informational video playing inline also promoted the features of the new line. View stakeholder & design wires

Custom Suits: The objective of this project was to create a landing page that featured all the tailoring services offered by the different type of suits. Design attributes that needed to be considered during the design process were the inclusion of lifestyle photography, suit type description, pricing, book appointments, find a store and additional add-on features of the services. To accomplish the goal of the project, base description was written in copy next to the image representing the suit. Buttons that linked to book appointments and store pages also appeared with the description. More details and add-on services were placed in a 'drawer' that appeared below the main module of each suit line. Customers could view more information by opening the drawer to reveal more details. View design wire