Levi's Site Redesign

  • Creative Art Direction // Interaction // Visual Design

Site Redesign: With Levi's website redesign, objectives for the project was to update the site into a destination that customers can be inspired by the content, tell stories and relate to the community. This was achieved by adding more inspirational content to the page while being shoppable. The incorporation of lifestyle photography as well as in-studio product shots helped promote products and new collection launches. Users have reacted negatively to photography that does not match their needs at certain part of their shopping journey. It was necessary to serve the right type of photography, media and content at the right time. Implementation of larger lifestyle photo and hover states revealed product images that told a story and relayed information about the product. In the community sections, customers could view shared photos from other customers. These images also linked to the product pages from it's hover state. Customers were able to get inspiration and tips from the community around the world through posted content.

Homepage & Department Page View design flow wires

Category & Product Description Page: One other key finding during the discovery phase of the project was that users enjoyed GIFs that played on hover but auto-play resulted in negative reactions. This led the team to remove all auto-play functions of videos and any auto-play media.

Landing Page & Tastemakers Page: Utilizing explicit headers was also important for sections of similar content. If there are several social tiles, they are logically grouped together and a section header exists to describe that section as social. Users cannot always discern functionality or purpose of a piece of content unless it is an industry standard they recognize. View design flow wires