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  • Low & High Fidelity UI Designs // Redlines // Production & Delivery of Final Assets

Product Reviews: This project was to create visual design of customer product reviews from wireframes. It was a new feature incorporated into the existing shop flow of the site. These additional page flows had to reflect the current branding of the site, incorporate customer badging to identify top reviewers and have information that was scannable for the reader. One challenge encountered during the design process was to determine the character limit maximum so the reader would not get fatigued. Limiting the reviews to a maximum of 3 lines after visually assessing the page solved this. View design flow wires

Shopping Bag Flow: The objective of this project was to create a visual indication of the shopping/check out step the customer was presently. By creating a visual tab at the top helped communicate to the customer the current check out stage, similar to breadcrumbs. Each time the customer completed a stage; the next visual cue in the process would indicate the cart step. The customer was able to maneuver between steps by clicking the tab. View design flow wires

Product Search: Product search was given a face-lift with this project. The goal was to add features to the search flow, enabling customers to discover more things about the product as they were contemplating a purchase. This flow needed to include search filters, pages for featured videos, search criteria for like items, results for design tips and search results for misspellings or incomplete search terms. During the design process, making sure all the pages were cohesive and had a visual flow was key. Keeping visual elements consistent with branding was also very important. The final design allowed the customer to easily scan the page to indicate the different areas they could explore after entering a search term. View design flow wires