• Art Concept // Illustration // Visual Design // Execution // Copy // Production & Delivery of Final Assets

Hotwire: The objective of this project was to create a design to launch Hotwire in the mobile app that included the main screen, in-app message and store page. This was a new partner for Shopkick and needed to visually show it. I started the design process by brainstorming ideas relating to services Hotwire provides to consumers. The next step was to visually communicate the idea of travel. Illustrating travel gear with stickers on the luggage represents playfulness and fun. was added as a new partner for Shopkick's mobile app. Tasks of the project included concept and design that would show Walmart as a new partner while infusing excitement that the large retailer represents. The campaign needed to include the main screen, in-app message and store page. Visually showing being used for online/mobile shopping was indicated with an illustrated phone. Shopkick's brand element of celebration dots and a banner flag conveyed excitement and announced the new partner. The goal of the project was to introduce as a new partner. The visual representation of the main screen, in-app message and store screens needed to differentiate between the physical store and its online presence. Using the Target logo and adding "online" in the copy visually told the customer that the new partner had an online presence. Also adding musical notes and a line from the song "Jingle Bells" gave a holiday tie-in to the campaign. This project entailed designing a campaign to feature as a new partner for Shopkick customers tying holiday shopping. This required differentiating Kohl's physical store with its online presence. By using Kohl's logo with added "online" copy relayed to the customers they can shop online. The illustration with the shipping box and products spilling out of it with Shopkick's branded kick bubbles also illustrated the idea of online shopping. A music line from a Christmas carol tied in the holiday theme.

Blue Weekend Event: Shopkick's Blue Weekend event is featured during one of the last holiday shopping weekends. The goal of the project was to communicate earning rewards for last minute shopping during the event period. Illustration of the shopper holding gifts with Shopkick's branding of kick bubbles visually conveyed gift shopping and earning kicks at the same time. The main app screen, in-app message and store page were final assets that were delivered.