• Concept // Interaction // Visual Design // Execution // Production & Delivery of Final Assets

Chat with Us: With the launch of Chat with Us, customers can chat with banking specialists. They receive live support from a bot and a banker to answer any question they have about the products offered by Wells Fargo. I worked with scrum masters, product owners, engineers, business analysts to design an interface that a customer is useful and intuitive. This included visual design as well considering the interaction as the customer chats with specialists. The product is built for the desktop, tablet, mobile site and the mobile app.

As customers use the product, we've discovered customer gaps that can improve the product. Backed by user research and metrics, we are constantly iterating on the experience to make it better. View customer journey flows (This work is password protected. Please contact me to view the work.)

Texting with iMessage: View design sketches, user flow sketch, interactions and visual design user flow (This product has not launched to the public and is password protected. Please contact me to view the work.)
The iMessage project allows the organization to connect with customers through an app they use daily. I partnered with project managers, scrum masters, developers, user researchers and our design team to build interaction and the interface for our customers to conduct their banking privately in an extension, not exposing their personal information to any company. We built a custom interface that customers would have to authenticate themselves before we showed them account information like account balances and transactions. Customers would also be able to communicate with bankers for everyday information such as finding the nearest ATM location. We work to improve the experience within sprints, always thinking about the user and how they use the product.